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Really Old Demos – The Buggy Demo

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This demo is just here for posterity – it formed part of my August 2002 coding portfolio when I was first applying for jobs in the games industry. Be warned, there’s some seriously dodgy coding going on here…

The Buggy Demo

This demo was my first released finished project. It combines stencil shadowing with an open source physics engine written by Russ Smith.

The screenshots show the only level of the demo, which contains a central stack of spheres waiting to be driven into and scattered, a raised platform with a thin ramp winding up to the top, and a set of jumps. The scene can be rendered with up to two light sources, the directions of which can be reassigned in real time.


For a decent framerate a card with native vertex shader support (e.g. GeForce3) is required, otherwise a CPU of 1 GHz should be sufficient.

The source code requires Visual Studio 7, the DirectX 8.1 SDK and ODE 0.03 or above to compile. The textures required for the demo aren’t included in the zip; download the binaries to get the textures.

ODE can be downloaded from Russ Smith’s site at If you’re having problems compiling a compatible version of ODE, I’ve uploaded some compiled libraries of roughly version 0.03 that are known to function correctly with the demo. You can download those here:

In addition, you will need the nvidia shader assembler which is used to compile vertex shader assembler from within the IDE. You can download nvasm here.


I’d like to thank the following people and websites for contributions to this demo:

  • StormVision 3D Textures for most of the textures used the demo.
  • The population of #flipcode for comments, suggestions and additional artwork.
  • Nate Waddoups for adding joystick support.

If you’ve warped this demo into something interesting then please let me know! :)

Written by Simon Brown

August 1st, 2002 at 8:00 pm

4 Responses to 'Really Old Demos – The Buggy Demo'

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  1. It is the most impressive example program I’ve ever seen with regard to directx programming. But I couldn’t compile and build on my own pc. There are lots of errors when I try to complile and link. I’m using Visual Sutido 2008 Express and DirectX SDK 2008. I really really want to use your ‘Buggy Demo’. So, could you please update this project so that I can study your code? Thanks!


    10 Feb 09 at 9:57 am

  2. Thanks for your comments, but if I remember rightly the code is pretty horrific. The sort of code where you’re browsing through it thinking “what sort of idiot wrote this?” and then you check version control and find out that it was you.

    I’ll see if I can find a working windows partition somewhere (I’m mainly OSX/Ubuntu these days) and patch it up for VS2008. You’ll have to give me a few days… :)

    Simon Brown

    10 Feb 09 at 11:23 am

  3. Andy/ You should check all files unziped were not read-only. I had a few problem and figured becase of read-only flag which cause the converting problem for migrating visual studio from 2002 to 2008.


    25 Feb 09 at 12:21 pm

  4. Thank you so much for keeping this around. This thing got me to where i am today.

    After jacking your demo i made this one:

    Many custom physics demos, and now my first xbox game:

    You have been an important influence in my career.
    I’m glad i finally got a chance to thank you.

    P.s. i totally jacked your camera for the Burt demo :)


    22 Sep 11 at 11:26 pm

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